About Us

The law firm of Conde and Cohen was founded in 2004. We are a boutique law firm that bridges the gap between technology and the tradition of law. We are leaders in traditional law and in the rapidly evolving space of online media.

Conde and Cohen has represented affiliates, affiliate networks, publishers, advertisers, data managers, list owners, e-mailers, led gen companies, web designers, programmers, and other technology clients in a variety of verticals, such as education and finance, as well as in the continuity marketing space. Our clients have ranged from the small start up to the multistate conglomerate with over 100 employees.

Although Conde and Cohen speaks the online media language (being no strangers to internet based advertisement campaigns such as, CPA, CPM, PPV, co-registration, lead gen, SMS Marketing, email, search, social media, or media buying campaigns), we also provide traditional legal services to our clients, such as Property Law, Corporate Law, Copyright and Trademark, Civil Litigation, Insurance Law, Wills, Trust and Estates, and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance.

Trust, Loyalty, Dedication, Professionalism, and a desire to zealously advocate for our clients embody the virtues of Conde and Cohen. What sets our firm apart from all others is that we have the patience to listen and communicate with our clients. In our experience, the more we listen to our client, the more we understand their business model, the more we immerse ourselves in their problems, the better we are able to formulate a solution that is uniquely tailored to our clients needs.

You, your business, and your legal matters are unique. Shouldn't your law firm be unique as well?